Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


Available for Business and Public

  • Chasers Juice is a wholesale juice operation located in Toronto, Ontario. We serve over 350 restaurants, bars, hotels, clubs, venues, events and bakeries – chances are you’ve already had some!

    For businesses: Contact us here to set up an account with us to begin ordering. Check with our delivery area to ensure we can deliver to you. We also offer pick-ups at our Etobicoke location if you would prefer that.

    For the public: We offer pick-ups at our Etobicoke location after 12pm every day for the public. Contact us here to set up an account with us to begin ordering.
    Because we are a wholesale operation, we do not deliver to residential areas.

  • Of course it’s 100% FREE! Just contact us through our form here and we will send you a quick and easy form to fill out so you can begin ordering ASAP!

  • We are open and delivering Monday – Friday.

    The office hours are:
    Monday: 8am – 3pm
    Tuesday: 8am – 3pm
    Wednesday: 8am – 3pm
    Thursday: 8am – 3pm
    Friday: 8am – 3pm

    Our delivery hours are from: 12pm-7pm everyday.


Order Online or Call Us

  • First you need to contact us to set up an account, it will take about 5 minutes.
    Once you have an account set up with us, you may order by email or by phone.
    The order deadline for same day delivery or pick-up is 7am. Please place your order by email or phone anytime before 7am. Anything received after that will be delivered the next business day.

    If you are looking to order syrups, teas or large quantities of garnishes, please give us a minimum of 24hrs+ notice in order to fulfill those orders.
    If you are looking for large bulk orders of juice, please feel free to inquire about more specific timelines and pricing by email or phone.

    Please see the following on how to order by email or by phone:

  • Send us an email anytime at with the following information:

    Your name and business:
    Delivery or pick up?
    Date of delivery or pickup:

    Product 1:
    Container/Bottle Size:

    Product 2:
    Container/Bottle Size:



Delivery Time and Minimum Order

  • Our delivery hours are between 12pm-7pm everyday.

    For Toronto and some GTA locations we delivery: Monday – Friday.
    For other GTA locations and locations outside of the GTA we deliver: Monday – Thursday.

    For more information about our delivery area, click here.

  • Yes we can upon request. If you would like to request a different time outside of our regular delivery hours please request your order over 24 hours in advance of the delivery hour you require. This may incur a delivery fee to ensure your order arrives at your specified time.

    Due to the nature of our “freshly-made” business, our delivery hours are between 12-7pm. This is because we create all of our products fresh every morning at 7am until around 11:30am when the drivers take the products to deliver them to you. We want to ensure our customers get the freshest possible products which is why we create them and deliver them all in the same day!

    Therefore, if you want to request your order to be delivered outside of our regular delivery hours we need to make extra preparations to create your products as fresh as possible and deliver them on time.

  • You may request a specific delivery time but it may incur a delivery fee to guarantee your juice arrives at your specified time. Please inform us in advance if you would like to request a guaranteed delivery time.

  • Chasers Juice requires a minimum order of $25 for deliveries within Toronto and some GTA locations.
    For orders within other GTA locations, Chasers Juice requires a minimum order of $75.
    For orders outside of the GTA, please contact us.
    There is no order minimum if you are picking up your order at our office in Etobicoke.

    Order totals may be met with any combination of all Chasers Juice products.

    For more information about our delivery area, click here.

  • Our core delivery area is throughout the downtown core of Toronto as well as the surrounding neighbourhoods. We also deliver all throughout the GTA and all over Canada.

    For more information about our delivery area, click here.

  • We have a very large variety of sizes and types of containers available!
    The most popular format is our 2L (Litre) jug. Apart from that, Chasers Juice bottle sizes range from single-serving bottles to 1000L totes and we have sizes in glass and plastic.
    The sizes we offer as subject to availability: 355ml, 500ml, 1L, 2L, 10L pail, 15L pail, 20L pail. We offer special pricing options for large quantities and 1000L totes.

    If we don’t have something you’re looking for, ask us and we will see if we can get it for you! Click here to contact us now.

  • Chasers Fresh Juice is located at 218 North Queen Street in Etobicoke, Ontario. Located only a short drive away from Sherway Gardens Mall, near the intersection of North Queen St. and Queensway.


Expiry date, Ingredients, Cost

  • Chasers Juice does not add any preservatives or additives to any of our juices! As such, Chasers recommends a shelf life of seven (7) days for the majority of our products and they must be refrigerated when they are not being consumed.

    All juices are made fresh, on the morning of your order, to ensure maximum shelf life.

    Juices may also be frozen to prolong their life at user discretion (this may not be possible in glass bottles).

    Chasers Fresh Juice provides date of expiry on all juices purchased.

  • At Chasers Juice, we believe fresh is best. Because of this policy, all of our juices are created from fresh fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices. No added sugars, preservatives or flavour enhancers are added to any of our Chasers Juice blends. Chasers uses only premium, number one fruit. In fact, over 18,000 tons of citrus fruits is juiced daily! Fruits and vegetables are pressed, squeezed, blended and strained continuously to provide you with the smoothest, most delicious drink possible.

  • We have a select group of juice products that you can choose from that are made with organic produce.

    The reason we do not offer and label all of our products as organic is because as well as purchasing organic we also value buying local as much as possible. We do our best to purchase as much produce as locally as possible and sometimes we cannot purchase local and organic at the same time while keeping costs low.
    In the spirit of keeping our prices as affordable as possible and offering fresh same day products, not all of the produce we purchase is organic for our regular products that are not on our organics list.
    BUT we do purchase organic whenever and wherever possible, so it often happens that most of the juices and other products not on the organics list have actually been made with organic produce even though we do not advertise it as such.

  • The cleanse packages are designed to help your body detox, and rid itself of harmful toxins. Each juice is specially designed to give your body nutrients, vitamins and minerals it needs. Juice cleanses are meant to be taken every two hours, with water in between. Chasers does not add any water to their juices, so staying hydrated throughout the process is a must. Chasers has a variety of different cleanse packages ranging from single juice orders to 3, 5 and 7 day cleanse packages. Click here for more information about available cleanse packages.

  • Feel free to check out our products page for more information about the products we offer and send us an email to receive an updated price list!

    We are committed to making the freshest, highest quality, healthiest and most delicious products on the market and we believe our prices match this proposition. We take pride in creating delicious plant based products year-round and we think our prices are more than worth it! We purchase locally whenever possible and source sustainable produce when it’s not possible. We do not dilute our juice or add any preservatives or pasteurize to make our juices last longer then naturally possible. Therefore we can’t make extra juice to last us over long periods of time. We only use fresh produce in our creations which requires careful planning to mitigate waste. But it also allows us to offer the freshest and healthiest products possible.
    Have you ever wondered why conventional juices in grocery stores don’t naturally separate or bloat even after the expiry date? Its because all of the added chemicals to help keep the juice longer so it will be more likely to be sold. Our juices are as fresh as if you were to juice it yourself in your kitchen except we take care of the mess.
    So after hearing all of this, how much are you willing to spend on health and taste? Because we guarantee you will taste the difference between any grocery store brand and Chasers Fresh Juice. Give us a call and try it out for yourself!

  • We mean that our juices have not been subjected to high temperatures in the process of juicing. This high temperature heating process kills off all potentially harmful bacteria and slows down microbial growth which causes things to go bad faster. The pasteurization process increases the shelf life of juices as well as reducing the risk of contamination of harmful bacteria. This process may sound really great and helpful, but it also kills off all of the healthy and wonderful nutrients and minerals found within raw fruits and vegetables. It reduces the juice to an empty and hollow drink with very little positive and healthy life to it. One of the many reasons we drink fresh juice is to ingest and absorb all of those juicy nutrients and minerals into our bodies to maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle. But with all of those removed we are not left with much, which is why we do not subject our juices to this process.

    Since we refuse to take anything away from the juice we also refuse to add anything! We do not add any other additional preservatives and other chemical additives to increase the shelf life of our juices. We believe it takes away from the freshness, taste and naturalness of the juices. We want our products to be as healthy as possible which is why we choose to keep them raw.