We are committed to being a company that embraces sustainability

At Chasers Fresh Juice, we believe that taking care of the environment, our community, and our business partners is not just a responsibility but a fundamental part of our mission. We are committed to being a company that embraces sustainability and integrity in all aspects of our operations.

One of our proudest initiatives is the way we utilize every part of the fruits we juice. Instead of discarding fruit peels, we have established partnerships with local breweries to provide them with these peels. They, in turn, use them in the brewing process, reducing waste and promoting a circular economy. We believe that every resource, no matter how seemingly insignificant, can always be put to good use.

To further reduce our environmental footprint, we have teamed up with a third-party company to recycle our organic waste. This innovative process converts our organic waste into clean, renewable energy through composting. By doing so, we not only minimize our impact on landfills but also contribute to cleaner, more sustainable energy production.

Our commitment to sustainability extends to our aging fruits as well. We have partnered with companies like Lush, who repurpose these fruits to create their cosmetics. By doing this, we ensure that no part of the fruit goes to waste, and we support eco-friendly practices in industries beyond our own.

Spinach mix juice bottle with ocean in the background

Additionally, we've found an excellent way to utilize aging fruits within our own product offerings. We dehydrate some of our aging fruit to create garnishes that our clients can enjoy. This not only reduces waste but also enhances the customer experience, making our juices even more enjoyable.

Our equipment is also eco-friendly, and we continuously invest in technologies that reduce energy consumption and minimize our carbon footprint. We are dedicated to using the most efficient and environmentally responsible machinery available to support our commitment to sustainability.

Our vision for Chasers Fresh Juice is to be more than just a purveyor of delicious, healthy beverages. We strive to be a company that sets a higher standard for environmental responsibility and ethical business practices. Through these initiatives, we aim to inspire others in our industry and beyond to follow our example and make a positive impact on our planet.

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